MaxiTrade Review

MaxiTrade Review

maxitrade customer reviews

These calculations include a spread in favor of us, which means that the values involved may differ substantially from prices available on primary markets where similar transactions are conducted. The Service carries out your Transactions on an execution-only basis. We and the Service are entitled to execute your Transactions even if the Transaction is not beneficial to you. We do not and will not manage your Transactions, nor will we advise you on your Transactions. You understand and acknowledge that we assume no responsibility whatsoever for your Transactions.

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The given bonus is provided by the Company to the clients when the Client deposits his/her account. The amount of the bonus is defined by the Company as a percentage of the amount of the money which the Client deposits. If, for any reason (including as a result of losses arising from Transactions), you are under an obligation to pay any amount to us which exceeds the funds in your Account, we may send you an invoice for such amount and you shall pay such invoice no later than two (2) business days after the invoice date. You agree that you shall pay all transaction costs, including currency exchange costs and wire fees. We reserve the right to invoice you for any transaction costs we encounter as a result of your use of the Service.

The website also claims the company has been around 10 years and “has earned trust” of Association of Russian Banks and the Association of Regional Banks of Russia. We were unable to verify that. If you have traded with Maxitrade and believe you have been scammed by them you have a chance to get your money back. On top of that, let’s not forget that your money will be handled by their payment processor, which is a company from Azerbaijan.

In this case, the Company reserves the right to withhold amounts for such taxes or to invoice you for any such applicable taxes if this is the case according to the legislation of the country of your jurisdiction. Upon creation of your Account or prior to processing of a Withdrawal, we may require you to complete certain tax documents.

At the time of writing, they had about 268 signals available right on the platform and I am sure this will appeal to many people. On top of the XCritical platform, Maxitrade also offers Meta Trader 4 (both downloadable and web-based), which is a nice addition. At first glance, this looks like a broker with good trading conditions and some form of regulation but there are some discrepancies between the spreads listed on the website and the ones that you are getting on the trading platform itself. Also, we must note that the IFMRRC certification was just completed in January 2019 so we can assume this is a very new brokerage (they don’t specify a launch date).

Richard Howlett, a partner at London-based law firm Selachii LLP, has dealt with dozens of cases concerning binary options trading fraud, with victims conned out of anywhere from a few hundred pounds to more than £1m. In December, he said he filed a request with the platform to withdraw his money, the majority of which had stemmed from his pension fund. He claims that request was denied and – like Ms Ablett – he said his account maxitrade scam later appeared to have been blocked. Pensioner James Hellis, a former self-employed IT worker, said he invested a total of nearly £60,000 in a binary trading platform called Tradorax. Without limiting the foregoing, you agree that in case such a requirement arises out of the legislation of the country of your jurisdiction, the Company may withhold the tax from the sums which result from your activity with the Company.

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maxitrade customer reviews

The company may charge you for providing a trading platform and managing your trading account. If no trading operations are performed on your account during the period of 90 consecutive calendar days, starting from the 91st day, the Company reserves the right to charge 5% of the account balance, but not less than 25 US dollars for each calendar month. The specified fee is charged until the resumption of operations on the relevant account. The funds in your account may change as a result of the Transactions you execute. You must use the funds in your account to execute Transactions.

  • The bonus is a controversial topic in online trading.
  • Financial companies, in his opinion, have forgotten that behind every dollar citizens trade with, there are families with loans, families that desire to make purchases, and so on.
  • The Company offers a fixed spread on the web platform.
  • In this case, the Company reserves the right to withhold amounts for such taxes or to invoice you for any such applicable taxes if this is the case according to the legislation of the country of your jurisdiction.
  • Please write your review in the comment section below.

Traders that have used Maxitrade are giving bad reviews and warn other traders not to use them. There is also distrust towards broker companies that can artificially inflate market volatility and, as a result, distort market pricing. Regulators also mention the unstable operation of trading platforms. Our review of the Forex / CFD broker Maxitrade shows, that they offer investors their very own custom trading platform. is a leading Financial Portal that Covers all types of Forex, CFD & Options’ Promotion released by Financial Brokers around the globe.

Bottom line is that that you will be dealing with 2 companies, one from St Vincent and the Grenadines and another from Azerbaijan, without high-profile regulation, so I think that’s not the best case scenario but so far there haven’t been any clear signs of a scam. What was your experience trading with Maxitrade?

You may not deposit or otherwise transfer any funds into the Service and/or your Account which have originated from any illegal activities. The calculation of the prices, payouts or losses related to Transactions at the time the Transaction is opened and closed will be based on our estimate of actual market prices and the expected level of interest rates, implied volatilities and other market conditions during the life of the Transaction. These values are based on complex arithmetic calculations as determined by us in our sole discretion.

Unless otherwise consented to by us in our sole discretion, any funds from a Withdrawal must be deposited directly into the same method in which the original funds were deposited into your Account (i.e., funds deposited into your account by wire transfer may only be withdrawn by depositing it back into the same bank account which made the wire transfer). We may institute limits on the amount of funds you may withdraw in any given period of time.

In many ways it is ahead of them, as it has its own platform that is compatible with any software. We were unable to verify that. If you have traded with Maxitrade and believe you have been scammed by them you have a chance to get your money back. Many unregulated brokers have been found to scam traders.

The payment methods listed on the broker’s website are Bitcoin, Credit Cards, WebMoney and QIWI. Minimum withdrawal listed on the broker website is $50. Overall, we don’t see this whole setup as a friendly condition, especially for a trading beginner.

Should I Open An Account With Maxitrade?

I want to praise the company. And indeed there is for that. First, for the quality of service in passive earnings.

It would be more logical if the premium account holders got their plans updated more frequently to reflect changes on the market. In our opinion, pretty useless hook. However, when you are looking at the minimum deposit that you should pay for each account, you will realize something.

maxitrade customer reviews

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