William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest UK regulated bookmakers using a lineage dating back to 1934–until it became legal in the nation. This isn’t uncommon for legitimate gambling companies worldwide. In fact, prior to the Nevada gaming industry was taken over by corporate interests precisely the same phenomenon was omnipresent. It is really a’badge of honour’. A bookmaker in 1934 could not get a standing through PR, marketing or gimmicks. They had to earn the respect of their customers.
Licensed from the Gambling Commission (UK) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, the company today is one of the largest gambling companies in the world with over 16,000 employees internationally. In 2012, they expanded to the United States by buying three smaller Nevada based sportsbook operators. At the time, they commanded 55% of all sports gambling outlets in the’Silver State’. Because of this, they’re hyper vigilant concerning the client??le they function. All UK controlled sports books exclude US customers but to avoid any trouble using the somewhat unreasonable rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board they go so far as to block US established players by accessing their website at all. With this exclusion, their residency conditions are typical for a UK based sportsbook.

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