Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain dreaming of England Euro 2020 glory

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is dreaming of Euro 2020 victory with watched a part of the march of England into the World Cup semi-finals at a London pub.
The 26-year-old midfielder missed over a year of football after suffering a serious knee injury which prevents him from playing for England at Russia and also that summer’s Nations League, as well as the consecutive Champions League looks of Liverpool.
However, England boss Gareth Southgate for its upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers from Bulgaria and Kosovo has is matched and recalled Oxlade-Chamberlain.
When asked if he was due a little luck at Euro 2020, he answered: »Yes, I think that it’s written in the stars for me to evaluate the winner!
« I don’t like to sit right now and say I was really unfortunate to miss this specific championship or that you.
« The time was unlucky, but boys have accidents that prevent them playing complete stop. I have had the chance to come back. I have just got to stop those injuries’ timing to give me the opportunity I could be.
« It is every boy’s fantasy. We must respect what’s facing us and we could dream those dreams, but first of all we’ve got to beat Kosovo and Bulgaria.
« There might be a bit more of an expectation going into the next tournament. But that’s interesting for us and I think this squad has the assurance inside it to cope with this.
« We would all sit here now saying that are the dream come true, especially with a lot of it being at Wembley. It doesn’t get much better than that. »
His time stuffed by visiting several hospitals and taking a keen interest in the company world.
That doesn’t mean he revealed he travelled into Box Park at Shoreditch to cheer on England in their Team G beat and that he turned away from football.
« In the home, » he responded when asked where he saw the World Cup this past year.
« All of it was at home, and one of those games in Box Park. That was intriguing. . .that has been an adventure.
« I had a hat on and eyeglasses, but yeah did not do me much good. I had been shocked. That was the first time I’ve ever watched a soccer game of my team, if that makes sense, with football lovers.
« I’ve never been into a pub where there is a whole lot of Liverpool lovers or Arsenal fans and watched it with them, never been to a bar with England fans, or within a major place, to see what it means to them.
« It was like a surreal moment where I could spot my partners on the screen doing what I usually do, and how everybody around them was responding and what it’s meant to them. It was surreal. I was almost idolising them well
« Just seeing them do this and what it had been creating on me, I was like’oh my God, that is Raheem Sterling, consider what he is done, do I really do that’? »

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