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There is A new competition emerging in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, and its becoming the signature competition of the series.
For years now, and yet this offseason, it has always been the matchup between Duke and Michigan State that we were concentrated on, however, the 2019-20 show has brought us a second square off between teams who are ranked higher than the Blue Devils and Spartans: No. 4 Michigan in No. 1 Louisville. Here is the only real game of the Challenge of the season, plus they struggle tonight.
The Wolverines were exceptionally underneath the radar, last week and also were recorded unranked so far as the AP Top 25 polling had been concerned. But that would change on Monday, and it came after their performance in the Fight 4 Atlantis championship in The Bahamas. Not only would they take out No. 4 North Carolina and No. 7 Gonzaga, however theyd control both of those games to grab victories. On top of that, Michigan has launched themselves into a 7-0 start and Juwan Howard has shown himself to be a hell of a coach in his first year at the helm.
For Louisville, they enter this week since the new No. 1 ranked school in the country, sliding up from No. 2 afterwards which top-ranked Duke would endure a historical loss at home to small-school Stephen F. Austin.
However, even though the rankings reveal a similar story with Cardinals and the Wolverines, there quite a huge gap that divides the two groups: theyre going in their third and Michigan has played with two top 10 teams. This is their first ranked opponent completely this season — inside and outside of their top 10.
Louisville head coach Chris Mack was paying attention to Michigan along with their incredible stretch, being astounded by it such as the rest of us. Mack wouldnt get to observe the whole Fight 4 Atlantis championship, but hed set time aside to see this after his undivided attention would be caught by Michigan with their beginning, the Wolverines.
So much in his first year as head coach of Michigan, Juwan Howard has done a remarkable job and it helps when you have just a little leverage. When the gig was taken by Howard, hed inherit a group that has robust chemistry and undergone leadership, and Michigan and Howard are taking full advantage as you can see.
Talent is all over the area once it concerns the Wolverines. Their led with Zavier Simpson, a point guard whos one of the greatest defensive guards in the country. Statistically, hes averaging 12.3 points and 9.7 assists-per-game. Another senior, Michigan is a force in the paint with all the existence of Jon Teske, a seven1??? centre who has an all round game. Not only does he dominate inside, however, he can also hit shots from behind the arc — Teske is averaging 13.3 points and 9.7 rebounds-per-game. Last, but not least, they have their 2019-20 breakout participant in Isiah Livers. Hes been amazing this season, especially. For the campaign, hes hitting 51.2percent of his three-pointers, while also compiling a team-high 17 points-per-game.
Altogether, the Michigan Wolverines have a scoring tally of all 82.4 points-per-game.
The party didnt last long though, because the Wolverines are currently moving directly on to another difficult test. Michigan is going to be contested tremendously having among the best frontcourts in the nation. Their primary superstar is Jordan Nwora, a 67??? junior forwards who is tallying 21.9 points and 6.9 rebounds-per-game this year.
Joining Nwora is senior forward Dwayne Sutton and centre Steven Enoch. With Sutton, he nearly averages a double-double using a mean of 11.1 points and 8.4 rebounds-per-game. Enoch is also near a double-double as well, setting up a stat line of 10.9 points and 7.9 rebounds-per-game — Enoch is particularly capable of flanking Nwora while indoors also.
The Cardinals also have senior defender Ryan McMahon the Wolverines will be tasked to contain. For the season, he is averaging 11 points-per-game, and can be excellent from supporting the three-point line hitting 53.8percent of his shots.
I am a firm believer in the magic that Michigan is riding at the moment. Not only would they choose out top teams in the nation, but it would be powerhouses from North Carolina and Gonzaga to take them up to No. 4 in the country. All that is certainly going to provide them a load of optimism and effort going into this competition tonight against Louisville with it at KFC Yum! Center.??
Listed below are the reasons Against the spread this season, the Cardinals have a record of 3-4, while Michigan is still a good 5-2 against the spread — 4-0 in their last four.
You can expect Michigan to be somewhat aggressive tonight than usual. The Cardinals have a massive target on their rear with being both undefeated and ranked No. 1 at the polls — and the pressure is even more on Louisville with them being the home team.??
You could also make the argument that the Wolverines have faced opposition already this season, and very well might be a much better group than Louisville — and easily at that.
I view the leverage on Michigans aspect in this competition, and I see a heap of pressure on the Cardinals in this game. I dont enjoy this matchup for Louisville, and I view the atmosphere that is anxious despite being in your home not going. Together with the way that theyre playing at the moment, the gift which Michigan has and the heat on these, youve got to take the Wolverines in a fight that was close.

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