Residence license for spouse or cohabiting partner

Residence license for spouse or cohabiting partner

International nationals from the nation not in the EEA and/or EFTA, who intend to remain in Iceland for over three (3) months, will need to have a legitimate residence permit.

Residence allows on grounds of wedding or cohabitation are issued on grounds of Art. 70 associated with the Act on Foreigners no. 80/2016.

A residence license is given to an intending that is individual go on to Iceland to reside with his/her spouse or cohabiting partner in Iceland. The necessity is the fact that spouse or cohabiting partner is an Icelandic or a Scandinavian resident, a international citizen keeping a permanent residence license or a short-term residence license on grounds of work needing qualified expertise, for athletes, for moms and dads, on grounds of worldwide security, humanitarian grounds, unique link with Iceland or higher level studies.

Specific unique needs use regarding family members reunification for those who hold a residence license in Iceland on grounds of worldwide security, humanitarian grounds, unique connection or perhaps a residence license as being a moms and dad. The cohabitant or spouse associated with applicant whom is applicable for reunification in Iceland will need to have worked or examined in Iceland in appropriate stay going back four (4) years before publishing a software (unless an exemption is applicable).

You might have the right to a residence license being a partner or cohabiting partner if most of the requirements that are following met, in addition to other people

  • You may be over the age of 18 years,
  • you had been 18 years old or older whenever you married or entered partnership that is cohabiting
  • Year you are married or have been in cohabiting partnership for more than one (1,
  • you have got a spouse or cohabiting partner who lives in Iceland and it is an Icelandic or Scandinavian citizen, or even a international resident keeping a permanent residence license or even a foreign resident remaining in Iceland on grounds of a residence permit as mentioned above,
  • the wedding satisfies what’s needed for enrollment in accordance with the legislation regarding domicile,
  • you should have a home that is permanent the exact same location as your partner or your cohabiting partner,
  • it is possible to prove during your stay that you are able to provide for yourself,
  • you have got a legitimate insurance coverage having an Icelandic insurance provider (on the go insurance providers) or an international insurance carrier authorized to work in Iceland (on the go Foreign Insurance organizations),
  • you’ve got perhaps perhaps not offered a sentence that is criminal over the past five (5) years or been sentenced by a court of legislation for the offense which will be punishable by significantly more than three (3) months imprisonment based on Icelandic legislation, and
  • your partner is not sentenced by way of a court of legislation or been susceptible to safety that is public going back five (5) years (unless an exemption is applicable), and
  • the partner that is spouse//cohabiting Iceland consents to your license being issued.

You may perhaps perhaps not

  • have married or perhaps a cohabiting partner for convenience purposes (for example. for any other reasons than being using your partner, for instance, the only real function being to acquire a residence license in Iceland),
  • have been around in cohabiting partnership at under one (1) if you apply for a cohabiting partnership permit year,
  • take effect until a residence and work license was awarded, you do not have to apply for a work permit (please note that a cohabiting partner of an Icelandic citizen may not start to work before his/her residence permit has been granted) unless you are the spouse or cohabiting partner of an Icelandic citizen, in which case,
  • work with a boss except that usually the one by which the work permit is situated, and
  • remain in another nation more than three (3) months in just about every period that is 12-month of residence permit duration; otherwise the residence license are cancelled or revoked.

A software for the residence and work license and supporting papers shall be submitted into the Directorate of Immigration or during the offices associated with region commissioners outside the Reykjavнk Metropolitan region.

Keep in mind that various guidelines may affect a license to keep whenever a software is submitted even though it really is being prepared. Partners and cohabiting lovers are in Iceland when a credit card applicatoin is submitted if they base their directly on someone who falls beneath the groups above except a spouse/cohabiting partner of the pupil if he or she is needed to have visa. See more information in the part on legal rights that are connected to the license.

If a job candidate will not satisfy these demands therefore the requirements talked about below, the program for a residence license shall be refused plus the applicant must keep Iceland. A job candidate would you maybe perhaps perhaps not keep the national nation might be at the mercy of expulsion or an entry ban. An entry ban can also be an entry ban in to the Schengen region for the period that is specific of or even for two (2) years as at least.

The applicant is in charge of trying to get renewal of his/her residence allow at least four (4) days ahead of the legitimacy associated with permit expires. Should this be done, the applicant is allowed in which to stay Iceland whilst the application for renewal has been prepared by the Directorate of Immigration. If your renewal of a residence license just isn’t sent applications for ahead of the amount of credibility expires, the applying will likely to be managed just as if this had been a very first license, maybe perhaps maybe not renewal. A credit card applicatoin received following the past license has expired is likely to be refused in the event that applicant won’t have a license in which to stay Iceland even though the application will be prepared.

Further on a residence license for the partner and cohabiting partner

Liberties connected to the permit

Application for a first license


Liberties connected to the license

  • The partner or even a cohabiting partner may take Iceland whenever trying to get a residence license and even though it really is being prepared, except the spouse and cohabiting partner of a pupil that is necessary to have visa. A job candidate who’s needed to have visa and that is abroad whenever trying to get a residence license cannot arrive at Iceland before the residence license was issued.
  • The partner or cohabiting partner of an Icelandic citizen is authorized to exert effort without having a work license in Iceland. Partners of Icelandic residents can start to your workplace once they usually have submitted a software for a residence license however a partner that is cohabiting perhaps perhaps not begin working prior to the residence license happens to be issued. Other candidates must make an application for an ongoing work license when they want to work with Iceland latin dating sites that will perhaps perhaps maybe not start working until a residence and work license happens to be awarded.
  • A residence license is typically given for just one (1) year at any given time, nonetheless, two (2) years as a optimum. The license credibility might nevertheless never ever surpass the credibility amount of the spouse/cohabiting partner‘s license.
  • A residence license could be renewed for 2 (2) years as an optimum, offered certain requirements for the license will always be met, nonetheless, the license may not be legitimate more compared to the license of the individual upon that your applicant bases his/her right.
  • The residence permit provides the right to family members reunification. A residence license might be employed for on grounds of household reunification for:
    • the applicant’s young ones beneath the chronilogical age of 18 in the event that applicant has custody of those;
    • the parents of a job candidate in the event that moms and dads are 67 years old or older (will not connect with pupils).
  • The residence license might be a foundation of a permanent residence license.

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